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Following my previous post on Tablet PCs which are in fact alternatives to a Cintiq, I though of sharing some interesting findings I’ve had lately. To start of, there are two models of Cintiq by Wacom. The Cintiq 12WX and the 21UX at 1000 and 2000 Euros respectively. No doubt, those products are of exceptional quality and everyone loves them including me although I’ve had the chance to use a 21UX just for a while. Worth of note is that once there was a Cintiq 15x model that is now discontinued. You can still find this model at ebay for as low as 250 Euro. So that’s the first alternative. Well, not a Cintiq alternative since it’s still a Cintiq, but a cheap one nontheless.

Now on the other hand there are some real Cintiq alternatives out there. The first one I’ve found is from p-Active, named XPC and there exist two XPC models, one at 17” while the other at 19”display.The price is quite good at 1000 Euro for the 19” and 816 Euro for the 17”. Both models support 1024 pressure points, 16mil colors, 140 degrees viewing angle and +/- 0.5mm pen accuracy. Good or not, it’s still an alternative option :-)

Next comes the alternative from Hanvon which is a company like Wacom that makes graphics tablets and in fact they have a wide range of graphics tablets to choose. Their latest model being SenTIP. SenTIP supports 2048 pressure points, 262k colors, 170 degree viewing angle and +/- 0.4mm accuracy while it’s screen size is 12” diagonal, much like Cintiq 12WX only a bit cheaper at about 700 Euro.

So far so good, but the best alternative I’ve found so far is this.

The Do-It-Yourself Cintiq. Attaching an LCD on a Wacom tablet, enclosing and calibrating it. If you already own a graphics tablet the construction of a DIY Cintiq will cost no more than 400 Euro and some hours to have something very comparable to Wacom Cintiq. For extensive info on building it go to Also TabletMod provides enclosures for the DIY Cintiq project and has videos on how-to construct it. Still Bongofish is a very nice read!

I will definitely going to build my own as soon as I am finished with that joke called “army”. If you are going to build one please write on the comments to tell us your thoughts.


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  • Ferocious_imbecile

    Very cool. Thanks for sharing. Much appreciated

  • Asf it’s another

  • Amdffxii

    or you can use a projector as your screen pointed on the tablet

  • dave

    After all is said and done, given the “full kit” for that Intuos mod, it ends up costing just as much as a Cintiq.

  • Mushu

    @Asf Wow! Really thanks 4 sharing, i’m really interested in the yiynova NP10:10, this is how a tablet pc should be in 2011 (1024 lv pressures <3). Unfortunately no infos about where and how you can find it:/ (apologize for my english)

  • Gavalakis Vaggelis

    Not if you allready have an Intuos. If not then yes you are probably right :-)

  • Joelandersson

    Thanks for the research! Great blog!

  • Sr Gary

    This looks like the best alternative

  • Richardperrine_rpcv
  • Nouvelletablette

    Ive tried the yiynova MSP19 (PTM 19 il an alias name )and it’s awesome !
    Look at this :
    Simply outstanding confort of drawing, and cost around 400-500 euros.
    Lovely !

  • Gavalakis Vaggelis

    Sorry for the long pending. I slipped this somehow :/
    MSP19 seems nice indeed. Thanks for sharing. I’ll definetely keep an eye out to buy one.

  • Nouvelletablette

     Hello again ! Here is new videos about it :
    I’ve actually found no issue at all on this tablet, note that I used the last drivers found on
    The pencil has a thin battery very easy to find in the normal shops, and I’ve asked the producer who told me an average battery last about 6 months :)
    Please ask if you have any question :)

  • Guest

    Well… you could get a Bamboo Create as an alternative to the Intuos. Though the screen isn’t as big and the item isn’t as great, it could still work.

  • Guest

    Sorry I meant workspace not screen seeing as there really isn’t a screen.